20 Most Popular Cute Japanese cat name

Are you looking for a Japanese cat name? Well, I have some names for you. If you are thinking about getting a kitten and want to name it after something in japanese, then here is your list. You can decide from the whole list or get creative and come up with one on your own!

japanese cat name
japanese cat

When choosing a name for cat you’re considering to get, you should first understand how people interact with these particular little creatures. Just don’t expect them to behave in the same way as the pets we are used too, e.g., dogs and cats do not share any commonalities at all. You will probably end up mixing your words, but don’t worry – it is natural!

  1. Azuki (sweet red beans)
  2. Chibi (little)
  3. Chobi (little)
  4. Fuku (fortunate)
  5. Hana (bloom)
  6. Haru (spring)
  7. Hime (princess)
  8. Kai (sea)
  9. Koko (cocoa)
  10. Mike (tortoiseshell)
  11. Maru (circle)
  12. Mei (excellent)
  13. Mikan (mandarin orange)
  14. Miruku (milk)
  15. Moka (mocha)
  16. Momo (peach)
  17. Sakura (cherry bloom)
  18. Sora (sky)
  19. Tora (tiger)
  20. Yuki (snow)

Japanese cat names For Male

You might have a couple of different reasons for wanting to give your male cat an adorable Japanese name. For example, the cat could have been found somewhere in Japan, or you might simply be a big fan of the country and like having something that is related to it. Think about why you’re naming him and try picking some names based on this, so he can grow up with not only a cute name but also one that has special meaning for your family

japanese cat name
  1. Aki – bright / autumn
  2. Akihiro – great brightness
  3. Akio – bright man
  4. Akira – bright / clear
  5. Arata – new, fresh
  6. Dai – great, large
  7. Daiki – great glory / great nobility
  8. Daisuke – great help
  9. Eiji – eternity order
  10. Fumio – literature, scholarly hero
  11. Hiroaki – wide, spacious light
  12. Hiroki – vast timber trees
  13. Hiroshi – generous
  14. Hiroyuki – great journey
  15. Shiro – fourth son
  16. Sho – to fly
  17. Shouta – big flying
  18. Shinji – true second son
  19. Sora – sky
  20. Susumo – to advance, proceed
  21. Tadao – loyal, faithful man
  22. Tadashi – loyal, faithful
  23. Taichi – large first son
  24. Mitsuo – shining hero
  25. Mitsuru – satisfy, full
  26. Nao – honest
  27. Naoki – honest timber tree
  28. Noboru – ascend, rise
  29. Nori – to rule
  30. Norio – lawful man
  31. Osamu – disciplined, studious

Japanese cat names For Female

  1. Aiko (beloved one, little love)
  2. Akira (bright and clear dawn)
  3. Cho (butterfly)
  4. Emiko (smiling child)
  5. Hayami (rare and unusual beauty)
  6. Kaiya (forgiveness)
  7. Kameko (tortoise-child, symbol for long-life)
  8. Katsumi (victorious beauty)
  9. Mieko (beautiful blessing child)
  10. Mizuki (beautiful moon)
  11. Nyoko (gem; treasure)
  12. Sayuri (little lily)
  13. Shiori (bookmark; guide)
  14. Suki (beloved)
  15. Yasuko (peaceful child)

Most Popular Anime Cat Names

So you are looking for an anime cat name. We thought we would have some fun and help with that decision. It is not an easy choice for the name of your pet because it must be unique, attractive and roll easily off the tongue. Here are some of the hottest anime names:

japanese cat name
japanese cat
  1. Goku – From ‘Dragon Ball -Z.’
  2. Vegeta – From ‘Dragon Ball -Z.’
  3. Korin – From ‘Dragon Ball -Z.
  4. Hinata – From ‘Naruto.’
  5. Aang – From ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender.’
  6. Sokka – From ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender.’
  7. Toph – From ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender.’
  8. Bolin – From ‘Avatar: The Legend of Korra.’
  9. Milo – From ‘Avatar: The Legend of Korra.’
  10. Totoro – From ‘My Neighbour Totoro.’
  11. Ichigo – From ‘Bleach.’
  12. Rukia – From ‘Bleach.’
  13. Orihime – From ‘Bleach.’
  14. Misa – From ‘Death Note.’
  15. Ryuk – From ‘Death Note.’
  16. Rei – From ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion.’
  17. Asuka – From ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion.’
  18. Misato – From ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion.’
  19. Kirito – From ‘Sword Art Online.’
  20. Asuna – From ‘Sword Art Online.’
  21. Kamineko – From ‘Azumanga Daioh.’

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