Apple Pencil 1st Gen vs 2nd Gen- Which is compatible with iPad Pro or iPad Air ?

Apple Pencil 1st Gen vs 2nd Gen -Should you invest? Read our comparison to see the specification, price , differences and similarities of each model.

Apple Pencil can be used interchangeably with original iPad models, but really shines when paired wirelessly. There is some compatibility issue with Apple Pencil 1st Gen, but that can easily be fixed by pairing them through Bluetooth or Lightning port. Lightning ports provide an easy way to charge your devices quickly on the go.

The latest Apple Pencil 2 makes charging super convenient – now it’s done using magnets and is easily stored in the spaces between your iPad. That means you always have a freshly charged one waiting for the next activity, and it’s also harder to misplace.

The Apple Pencil 2 also has a double tapping feature that can be customized to change between drawing, erasing or switching between two recent paint colors. A little added touch On behalf of Apple, the newest model can be engraved for free.

Specs – Apple Pencil 1st Gen vs 2nd Gen

Apple Pencil 1st generation Specification

Number of Batteries:1 Lithium Polymer batteries required.
Item Weight:0.14 Kilograms
Item Dimensions( LxWxH) inches:0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39
Are Batteries Included:No
Batteries Required?:No
Compatible Devices:iPad Pro 12.9‑inch (1st and 2nd gen), iPad (6,7,8,9th gen), iPad Air (3rd gen), iPad mini (5th gen), iPad Pro 10.5‑inch and iPad Pro 9.7‑inch

Apple Pencil 2nd generation Specification

Number of Batteries:1 Lithium Polymer batteries
Item Weight:0.73 Ounces
Item Dimensions( LxWxH) inches:6.53 x 0.35 x 0.35 
Are Batteries Included:Yes
Batteries Required?:Yes
Compatible Devices:iPad Air (4th gen), iPad mini (6th gen), iPad Pro 11-inch (1st, 2nd, and 3rd gen) iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd, 4th, and 5th gen)


Apple Pencil 1st Generation$99.00
Apple Pencil 2nd Generation$123.55


Apple Pencil 1st generation Compatibility

  • iPad Pro 12.9‑inch (1st and 2nd gen)
  • iPad (6,7,8,9th gen)
  • iPad Air (3rd gen)
  • iPad mini (5th gen)
  • iPad Pro 10.5‑inch
  • iPad Pro 9.7‑inch

Apple Pencil 2nd generation Compatibility

  • iPad Air (4th gen)
  • iPad mini (6th gen)
  • iPad Pro 11-inch (1st, 2nd, and 3rd gen)
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd, 4th, and 5th gen)

Apple Pencil 1st Gen vs 2nd Gen – Differences


apple pencil 2nd gen
apple pencil 2nd gen

The Apple Pencil 2 is made out of a matte finish that feels a lot like wood and is easier to hold on to even without a tight grip. It’s also more comfortable in your hand & you won’t drop it accidentally!

Apple Pencils 1st gen has a glossy design that is very similar to AirPods. They are also impacted by fingerprints and grease, which can make it harder to grip them.

Double tap

The Apple Pencil 2 has one advantage other styluses don’t have- the ability to double-tap with your finger. It’s not a physical button on the stylus, but merely a flat edge at one end. You can switch between your current tool and eraser; choose your current tool or last-used tool, visualize the color palette, or disable the behavior in question if you prefer.


  • The Apple Pencil 2 has a huge edge over the first one because it has more storage. It magnetically attaches to the side of your iPad, and charging wirelessly is now a possibility.
  • The Apple Pencil 1st generation doesn’t have a storage solution right on the actual device, though you can use some accessories that attach magnetically.


With the Apple Pencil 1, you can conveniently charge with the accessory coming included. It is compatible with charging through the Lightning ports of iPads. The 2nd generation Apple Pencil doesn’t have the Lightning port, instead, it uses magnets to pair & charge.

Apple Pencil 1st Gen vs 2nd Gen – Similarities


Both Apple Pencils are nearly 8.9mm, but the first generation is circular while the second one has a flat edge. The original Apple Pencil used a weighted side for added resistance to rolling away, but this wasn’t an effective approach. It’s much better with a flat edge that keeps it from moving around.


Apple Pencil models use a similar tip and both are rigid. Apple Pencil 1 has a spare tip included in the box, while the Apple Pencil 2 has one that is not included.

Pairing with iPad

Pairing your stylus with the iPad is easier now; just let it slap against your tablet’s magnets and it will pair right away. Apple Pencil is an excellent tool for artists, designers, and anyone who would like to use a stylus with an iPad. Not only are they easy to set up and use, but they work well with other devices as well.

Apple Pencil 1st Gen vs 2nd Gen comparison

Apple Pencil 1st GenApple Pencil 2nd Gen
Dimension(inches):0.39 x 0.39 x 0.396.53 x 0.35 x 0.35 
Diameter:6.53 inches6.92 inches
Weight:0.73 ounces0.73 Ounces
Batteries Required?:NoYes

Please check out this video for more details about comparison of apple pencil 1st Gen Vs Apple Pencil 2nd Gen:


If you’ve already got the Pencil 1 and are looking to upgrade, it’s totally up to you what to do. Personally, I thought that the difference between the two wasn’t really that significant.

So which is better- Apple Pencil 1 or 2? There isn’t much difference between the two products. New features and prices make the difference. If you’re looking for a stylus that’s more ergonomic, then the 2nd option is definitely your pick. It has a better grip and no port hassles.

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