Apple TV 4K 2021 32GB vs 64GB review- Best Price

Should you add more storage? Adding the next generation of Apple TV to your network will improve your convenience, quality and value.

You can figure out how the decisions around Apple TV’s storage and bandwidth management influence your decision at work. Understanding these factors may help you decide which model to purchase.

We know that you might need storage space for games and apps, but deleting a few apps doesn’t automatically lead to freeing up space. You should definitely learn about the benefits of upgrading to Apple TV 4K 2021 64GB, like being among the first to get your hands on it!

Apple TV 4K 2021 32GB vs 64GB review
Apple TV 4K 2021 32GB vs 64GB

What we get in the box ?

  • Apple TV 4K
  • Siri Remote
  • Power lead
  • Lightning to USB cable
  • Documentation
Apple TV 4K 2021 32GB vs 64GB

Technical Detail of Apple TV 4K

PortsHDMI 2.1, IR receiver, Gigabit Ethernet
Depth3.9 Inches
Height1.4 inches (35 mm)
Width3.9 inches (98 mm)
Apple TV 4K 2021 32GB vs 64GB

Pros & Cons – Apple TV 4K 2021 32GB vs 64GB

Apple TV 4K 2021 32GB

  • Less expensive
  • Similar features to 64GB version
  • Not enough storage for apps and games

Apple TV 4K 2021 64GB

  • More storage as comapare to Apple TV 4K 32GB
  • Expensive than Apple TV 4K 32GB

Specification Apple TV 4K

  • Dolby Atmos for immersive
  • room-filling sound
  • A12 Bionic chip A12 64‑bit architecture
  • 4K High Frame Rate HDR
  • Capacity 32GB/64GB

Apple TV 4K 2021 32GB vs 64GB best price

Apple TV 4K 2021 is available in 32 GB and 64 GB capacities, while Apple TV HD is still available from and supported by Apple. Both models give you a lot of cord-cutting options. Make sure you consider which size best fits your needs before purchasing a model.

Apple TV 4K with 32GB is available for $179, and the version with 64GB costs $199.

The 64GB model is a better option if you still want to view your media on the go, but don’t want to invest in a lot of storage space. If you’re primarily planning on streaming movies and TV shows, 32GB should be enough.

If you’re looking for a device that has the ability to accommodate your whole Apple-loving lifestyle, the Apple TV HD 32GB is available for $149

  • Apple TV 4K-32 GB- $179
  • Apple TV 4K-64 GB-$199
  • Apple TV HD- 32 GB- $149

The prices for all versions of the Apple TV are significantly higher than the prices for some competing devices like the dongle-like Google Chromecast or 4K-capable Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Is Apple TV 4K 32GB worth it ?

There are a lot of ways to watch media at home, but one of the most popular is through Apple TV. The experience is mostly centered around streaming videos, whether from apps like Netflix or via Apple Music & their iTunes Store.

The Apple TV 4K is a great device, but it doesn’t need to cost a lot of money to be great. You don’t need deep storage if you’re only streaming, and you can get by with the 32GB model which is significantly less expensive.

Is Apple TV 4K 64GB worth it?

The 64GB model might be for those who have a lot of media & games that they like to keep on the go.

If you’re an Apple Arcade subscriber and you plan to use your device to play games on the TV, then a larger model might be best. The choice will depend on how you think it will most benefit your device.

 Apple TV 4K 2021 32GB vs 64GB benefits

App VS Game

If you’re looking for simple games, like 2D platformers or Pong, 32GB will be fine. If you love 3D open world and/or 3D games, this memory card might be too small and quickly eaten up.


The 2021 64GB Apple TV 4K is a great choice if you’re someone who plans on downloading a lot of videos. It has a ton of space. If you’re mainly streaming, then the 2021 32GB Apple TV 4K is a better deal.


Apple TV allows you to access your files in iCloud, so it’s easy to watch your favorite shows or listen to your music on a TV that isn’t available. Apple has thought about this and the set-top box caches only recent & most frequently viewed properties on the Apple TV. It saves older, less frequently used content for faster streaming.

Don’t forget about the aerial screensavers. They’re a lot of fun to watch and will fill you with wonder. Plus, new ones are downloaded weekly!

The idea of using a bunch of different streaming apps to fill up with cache sounds like a good idea, but it seems that it doesn’t always work.

64GB is good if low bandwidth

The improved storage capacity of the models allows you to store more of your content on your device and reduce the lag time for it.

If you have good bandwidth, that won’t be a problem, which is why we recommend the low capacity model.

Media server

If the ATV changes and the restrictions are lifted, things might be different. But since there’s still a lot of work to do in streaming, we have to remember that it is a client and not an actual media server.


The Aerial Screensavers are created with a lot of space available, and they can be synchronized with multiple streaming apps. They should be deleted when you don’t need them anymore.

Smart home services

The company is making big changes and taking many different approaches. Now, the new Apple TV supports HomeKit, Siri could be integrated as a home assistant and your external storage will have demand placed upon it.

Frequently Asked Question

Do you need a 4k tv to use this?

Apple TV 4K will work with any screen with an HDMI input, but you will need a 4K HDR compatible set to view content in 4K or HDR.

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