The 5 Best Baby Safe Paints for Cribs 

Whether you’re buying things second-hand, used, or new furniture for your child’s nursery, matching colors can be challenging.

Painting the baby’s nursery isn’t just about matching a set of furniture. Adding some color and style to a room can be done in an easy and affordable way with paint & paintbrushes.

Painting your furniture is not a lot of fun and you don’t want to put your children at risk, so you need some safe paint for your living areas. Furniture Paint is a great way to protect the finishes and keep them from remaining damaged by ordinary household hazards. I’ve created this list of the 5 best paints for baby cribs that are safe to use.

Discover the top baby-safe paint for your crib, furniture, and nursery to create a safe, natural environment for your child.

Quick Answer: Best Baby Safe Paints for Cribs 

  1. Fusion Mineral Paint Cranberry
  2. Chalk Mountain Furniture Paint
  3. Amy Howard Home One-Step – Eco-Friendly Paint
  4. Country Gray Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint -Rust-Oleum’s paint
  5. Retique It Chalk Furniture Paint 

Fusion Mineral Paint Cranberry

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Fusion Mineral Paint is an excellent paint for baby furniture and baby cribs. It comes in lots of colors that make decorating a breeze, plus it has easy to apply soft brushstrokes!

The only issue is that it’s not a “zero-VOCs” paint. This can put some people off, but knowing that it’s non-toxic and uses no polyester or lead, this is a safe choice for a baby’s nursery. It contains no ammonia or formaldehyde, making it wise to go with this option as opposed to other paints on the market. To cover 75 square feet, you need a can of 500 milliliters.

Chalk Mountain Furniture Paint

The Chalk Mountain paint comes in a huge variety of colors so you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect color for your baby crib. Not only is the paint totally safe to use inside, it also dries in just 30 minutes. The zero VOC properties are what make this paint such a winner.

Amy Howard Home One-Step – Eco-Friendly Paint

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Amy Howard One Step Paint is one of the best varieties offered on the market today. It’s easy to apply, durable and gives you a clean finish. It’s great to paint for surfaces like glass, wood, fabric, resin, concrete, iron, melamine, stone, and more.

The paint made from zero-VOC ingredients and water-based paints has no odor, so they are a good choice for a nursery.

This paint dries fast and can cover an area like no other. The downside is that there are only a few colors to choose from. But if you want a healthy, chalk-like finish then this should be your go-to paint in the future.

Country Gray Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint -Rust-Oleum’s paint

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Rust-Oleum’s line of non-toxic paints is so easy to apply and paint surfaces with, that it is one of the top choices when looking for a safe paint that your children can enjoy.

With its excellent performance, it can easily be applied to a variety of surfaces and materials including wood and metal without leaving behind any lumps or bumps. And, unlike paint, it will leave a velvety matte finish that’s very smooth to the touch.

If you only have to paint about 150 sq. feet, then a single can can cover that. Plus that it’s latex paint, so you’re able to easily clean it up before drying. One thing we really liked is how quickly it dries on your walls.

Retique It Chalk Furniture Paint 

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Retique ’s furniture paint is our top choice for babies because it’s completely non-toxic, carries zero VOCs, and is free from allergens. There are over 40 colors available so you’ll find the perfect color.

This paint is great because it doesn’t require any sanding or primer to apply, and it provides superior & even coverage. We recommend 2 coats at least.

Your paint will dry quickly and have a contemporary finish with our clear wax. It will also have the ability to be distressed for a deeper look and feel, yet remain exceptionally durable after years of use.

Which paint is considered safe for your baby?

It’s important to use natural paints for your children’s rooms and nurseries to provide a safe, healthy environment for the little ones. These paints are “Zero-VOC” & non-toxic and are safe for kids of all ages.

Fortunately, there are a few brands of paint that do not contain Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs, making it easier for people to do what they need without chemical repercussions.

VOCs are gases that are emitted in the air. They can become harmful to health when they are not properly filtered out.

VOCs can be found in:

  • Paint
  • varnishes
  • paint thinners
  • Cosmetics
  • deodorants
  • Glue, adhesives
  • Flooring
  • carpet products
  • Cleaners, pesticides
  • Fuel, oil
  • gasoline, diesel

It’s best to stay away from products that contain volatile organic compounds which can cause irritation, headaches, and nausea for both you & your baby.


No matter what paint you choose, you can’t go wrong! Regardless of whether the paint is safe for your child, check that the brand offers one of your desired colors and shades. And remember to buy more than you think you need.

You may need to do more coats or you may spill some in the process of DIY. It is better to start with less paint so you don’t end up making an ugly project.

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