Top 10 Best Dart Boards You Can Buy in 2023

Dartboards can be made from many materials such as plastic, wood, coiled paper, cork, and even magnetic dartboards for kids or the office.

This list is only for steel tip dartboards. We recommend a soft tip electronic board if you play with other kinds of darts.

If you’re considering purchasing your own dartboard, please make sure to invest in a high-quality one that’s well-made and ideal for your set. Not all boards are equal and with the right board, you can enjoy playing darts for years.

When you’re playing darts, nothing is more frustrating than having the dart not stick or bounce off in flight.

Since Dart Boards can be quite pricey, it’s essential to know what you’re getting into. We’ll give you more in-depth information about how they’re made, what you need, and the upkeep that comes with owning one.

Quick Answer: Top 10 Best Dart Boards

  1. Nodor Supawire 2 Regulation-Size Bristle Dartboard 
  2. Winmau Blade 5 and Blade 6 Bristle Dartboards
  3. Winmau Blade 5 and Blade6 Dual Core Bristle Dartboards
  4. ONE80 Unisex – Adult’s Gladiator 3+ Dartboards 
  5. Unicorn Eclipse HD2 Professional Bristle Dartboard
  6. Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dart Board
  7. Viper Shot King Dartboard Set 
  8. Viper Razorback Dartboard Set
  9. Viper Chroma Dartboard Set 
  10. Winmau Blade 4 Bristle Dartboard

Nodor Supawire 2 Regulation-Size Bristle Dartboard 

Nodor Supawire 2 Regulation-Size Bristle Dartboard Best Dart Boards

Yes, Nodor is a brand that’s well-known. They’ve got endorsements from the world’s biggest organizations of darts, and their Supawire 2 dartboard is no different.

The Nodor Supawire 2 Sisal dartboard is a great option for all you darts enthusiasts out there! It offers a complete package of regulation-sized board, design, quality and customer support.

The Nodor Supawire is a premium product with a staple-free surface. The bands, dividers and surface are all designed to reduce the likelihood of annoying people when they use the board.

Nodor Supawire 2 boasts a unique design that provides excellent dart retention and healing, which is good news for beginner throwers. It has a striking look that can take your game to the next level!

A board like this will serve you for a long time to come and allow even seasoned players to have fun with it. If you’re looking for something that is guaranteed not to break down right in the middle of a game, then this is likely what you’re looking for.

  • Good price for the board
  • Good self-healing sisal
  • High-quality construction
  • Traditional wire
  • Staples

Winmau Blade 5 and Blade 6 Bristle Dartboards

Winmau Blade 5 and Blade 6 Bristle Dartboards- Best Dart Boards

The brand for Winmau is synonymous with high-quality craftsmanship, which is exactly what you should expect from this bristle board.

The Blade 5 is one of the newest dartboards on the market and has been extremely popular thanks to its high-quality features – with a distinctive design, perfect performance and top-quality.

The Blade 5 has an increased scoring area and requires fewer hits to score a point! It has a thinner wire with a cross-section that permits a higher scoring potential. So, you can be sure your next game is going to be on point!

The Blade 5 racer defines what impressive dart deflection protection should be. It has a 30-degree reduction in the angle of the wire that keeps the dart from bouncing out and reaching unintended targets, making for a more pleasant gaming experience.

The Blade 5 is made with a new carbon diffusion process which makes it much better in the long run.

Winmau has a number of fantastic boards to choose from, with The Blade making our list. Like all their other models, The Blade 5 comes equipped with Rota-Lock triple wheel mounting system

This is a great looking and to be honest, playing darts with a Blade dartboard is quite enjoyable. In fact, you save money because of the sheer level of quality that it provides you with. It’s also endorsed by the British Darts Organization so you know its legit!

  • Bright colors
  • Great Quality
  • easy to install
  • Larger scoring segments
  • Solid construction
  • Smaller Spider
  • None

Winmau Blade 5 and Blade6 Dual Core Bristle Dartboards

Winmau Blade 5 and Blade6 Dual Core Bristle Dartboards

A fantastic new product from a company with a long history of excellence, the Blade 5 Dual Core is another superb offering from Winmau.

The Blade 5 Dual Core has the same wiring that comes with the standard Blade 5. It offers a lesser angle than past blades.

The Dual Core has a 30-degree angle reduction and decreases wire thickness making it nine times more efficient. This feature allows for each triple to be six times bigger, making it easier to work with and reducing the weight of the device.

But, the Blade 5 also has a great name: “Dual-Core.” The two sisal cores in the body of the board deliver an innovative solution to this common problem.

The best way to make your board last as long as it can is to never play the same game too many times on your board. Playing a game more times than that will result in it quickly reaching its limit, which will then make you need to replace the board sooner.

The Blade 5 includes a dual-core processor that lasts much longer than the single-core model that came before it, which means this larger computing device will be more durable.

In general, performance wise, every feature in the Blade 5 Dual Core is shared between models. That means that the single-core model will be good for most and the dual-core will last you longer and is a better bang for your buck.

  • Two layers of sisal
  • Durable
  • Increased scoring area
  • pricey but worth it

ONE80 Unisex – Adult’s Gladiator 3+ Dartboards 

ONE80 Unisex – Adult's Gladiator 3+ Dartboards 

One80 Darts has been making quality darts for a while now. Their brand became synonymous with high-quality products like the Gladiator 3 which just got better.

Our Gladiator III+ has been designed to be able to stand with the best of them. It’s made using first-grade Sisal fibers, which give the board a very dense and durable playing surface.

Gladiator III+ has a “fade-resistant” finish that helps ensure it lasts longer. Its colors stay bright and bold for much longer.

The wiring on this dartboard is just like most other darts boards. It has sword-edges (wire bundles) and can prevent unnecessary bounce-outs.

This spectacular model of Gladiator comes with a fully rotatable, matte number ring and “Rotafix” mounting bracket so you can vertically or horizontally install the writing surface in any direction. This is the easiest wall or cabinet installation ever!

The GLADIATOR III+ is a high-performance & durable board that’s worth investing in.

  • Beautiful paint job
  • made with high-grade sisal
  • Thinner wires
  • Worth it
  • In some cases it may not always “self-heal” well

Unicorn Eclipse HD2 Professional Bristle Dartboard

Unicorn Eclipse HD2 Professional Bristle Dartboard

Unicorn provides one of the best dartboards on the market: The Unicorn Eclipse HD2. This board can be found in all the best bars because it is the sleekest and cleanest three-meter dartboard on the market.

This is one of the most updated and sleek-looking boards on the market making it easier to sell. The quality build is a great way to stand out amongst other competitors on the market

Just like all other darts today, the Eclipse HD2 has thinner wiring, making it easy to play & still left a lot of room for mistakes. The result — a 14% increase in playable area over previous versions.

This is a beautiful, professional-quality board that you can use to play darts. Tournament-ready is one of the many features that make it an excellent option for your centerpieces.

  • best looks
  • Top-Notch Design
  • Thinner wires
  • worth the money
  • Durability is questionable

Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dart Board

Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dart Board

The newly released Unicorn Eclipse HD 2 is a fantastic dartboard, setting the bar even higher.

The Unicorn Eclipse HD 2 is the ultimate bristle dartboard for tournament play. It has been fine-tuned to allow for maximum playing efficiency & offers levels of durability & impact resistance that other boards just can’t compete with.

If that’s any indication, the Professional Darts Corporation has done a good job of vetting these Eclipse Pro 2s.

The Eclipse Pro 2 has a seamless surface and all the legs are removed to provide a clean aesthetic.

The Eclipse Pro 2 is made from very high-quality sisal fibers and is highly durable, providing maximum protection for you at heavy play. It’s also self-healing so it doesn’t need to be replaced as often.

The numbers are made of metal and are painted in high-contrast paint that improves visibility and decreases eye strain while gaming.

  • Clean Looks
  • Thinner spider
  • Grade “A” sisal
  • Pricey

Viper Shot King Dartboard Set 

Viper Shot King  Dartboard Set 

The Shot King by Viper is a very effective board when it comes to providing users with substantial value for their money. It’s an inexpensive option that’s been able to beat the other top options in effectiveness, reliability, and ease of use.

The Viper Shot King is not going to knock you out of the park in any one category, but it does provide a solid package for those on a budget.

The Viper Shot King has Grade-3 sisal fibers woven throughout to provide self-healing properties that are ideal for any sport. The metal compression ring surrounding the board adds extra strength to make it even more durable.

The Shot King comes with a movable number ring made of galvanized steel so it’s easy to rotate and extend its life!

An unfortunate downside of Viper is the use of staples to hold the wiring that guides the scoring sectors. This comes as no surprise because it is quite common among lower-end models.

However, the Shot King will cause more bounce-out than other similar boards that do not use staples

All in all, the Viper Shot King is a great budget board for beginners. The low cost and solid performance provide good value that’s perfect for people just starting out.

  • Good Sisal
  • Good Price
  • Wires are not angled
  • Staples

Viper Razorback Dartboard Set

Viper Razorback Dartboard Set

If you’re looking for a Viper dartboard that is a step up from their Shot King model, the Razorback might be a good option. The Razorback offers a solid performance overall with reliable features and enhanced features that are worth considering.

Viper was able to improve their Razorback by understanding what wasn’t working and then fix those areas.

For example, one of the weakest points Shot King was the inclusion of staples to hold the spider. The Viper Razorback Dartboard is a completely staple-free dartboard which causes significantly fewer bounce-outs from hits on bulging staples

They also improved on the wiring front, using galvanized wires with a reduced surface area.

The next step in the process of making a Razorback was to use Grade-4 sisal fibers. With this increase, the bristles became tighter and became more durable.

One final feature worth mentioning is that Viper has made their Razorback Number Ring from a low-glare material. It remains a higher quality no matter where it’s displayed.

It will provide you with extreme durability and a board that is able to withstand the test of time, even after thousands of games.

For everyday players that are looking for their next board, the Viper Razorback is a good choice. It also works at tournaments with its responsive flat flexes that can be pushed into a variety of different styles of play.

  • Thinner wiring
  • Staple-less
  • wires are not angled

Viper Chroma Dartboard Set 

Viper Chroma Dartboard Set 

Darts. Why does everyone love Darts? They look great, are fun for everyone, and can be used for many different things in the home. Moreover, GLD has totally taken over this market with the release of a new Viper product!

The Viper Chroma dartboard also has a high-quality build and craftsmanship. It can withstand even the most intense plays, which is why it is an excellent option for competitive players.

This dartboard is the ultimate party starter and gamer’s dream. Not only does it boast highly galvanized triangular spider wire, but it also has a staple-free bullseye.

The Viper Chroma features high-definition colors that are both bold and bright, it has an Emerald screen printing, and there is no other dartboard manufactured like it. It looks beautiful on any wall or wooden cabinetry.

  • same features of the Shot King Dartboards
  • High definition vibrant color printing
  • Wires are not angled
  • Staples
  • Price

Winmau Blade 4 Bristle Dartboard

Winmau Blade 4 Bristle Dartboard

While the Blade 4 isn’t considered “new” anymore – it can still be found on clearance at most places that sell dartboards.

The Blade 4 continues the legacy of its predecessor by being a top-quality bristle board. It delivers the same level of quality to players as Winmau has been delivering for so many years.

The Blade 4 is a sisal surfboard designed by Blade Surfboards, a company that has made waves in the industry. They have certain features on their boards that sets them above their competition.

Winmau’s triangular-shaped wiring system is great for those who find flat and round wire wiring to be incredibly hard to work with. They allow you to focus on the more important aspects of your gaming experience and win consistently!

This means that the wire straps are more effective in guiding your darts onto the dartboard. Angled wires will result of fewer bounce outs.

The blade wire component of this blade is 30% thinner than previous models. Blade dartboards have thin wires, which is impressive considering their successful launch.

The Blade 4 is an excellent board for superior quality content production. Every board is durable, but the higher the density of fibers, the more it lasts.

Of course, when you purchase a Winmau Blade 4, you are paying for longevity. The older blades that are still used in pubs and clubs since they have not worn out.

  • affordable Price
  • Harder to find
  • old model


Dartboard technology has evolved quite a bit in recent times and the big names in the game are all doing a commendable job of staying updated.

While the Blade 5 Dual Core is my top pick, all of the other boards listed here are fantastic options. The decision you make will likely come down to budget and personal preference.

It doesn’t really matter too much which board you buy. They’re all good, so I promise you will enjoy whichever one you choose the most.

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