best free video editing softwares in 2022

Are you looking best free video editing softwares in 2022? Here is  my top five free video editing software for beginners. There are many video editing software available in the market but not all of them are worth trying for newbies. There are some beginner-friendly video editing software which helps you to edit videos easily and quickly. So it is important to select the one that has all the features that you need. here is the list of the top five free video editing software for beginners.

1. Windows Movie Maker

best free video editing softwares
Windows Movie Maker

Movie maker 10 for windows .This application is offered for free for windows users. Windows movie maker being included in the windows live essential package .So if you do not have it install this . Windows movie maker supports drag and drop and has the basic timeline. It is designed for quick editing operations and not for professional or commercial production because it has a limited set of templates and options. You can add videos and photos ,webcam, video record, microphone over video ,add titles ,captions effects ,credits animations ,visual effects. You can split trim change the speed change the start and end points of the video. Also it is completely free and does not have a watermark.

2. iMyfone Filme

best free video editing softwares
2. iMyfone Filme

iMyfone Filme is an excellent choice for beginners. It is capable of meeting most of the basic editing requirements whilst also giving a variety of advanced choices .Style adjustments, multi-track audio multi-layer, videos and quick previews are just a few of the features and tools available .You may not need all of these options immediately but simply knowing that they are available is really helpful.

If you’re looking for a simple video editing software solution iMyfone film is an excellent choice .This tool is extremely useful for both beginners and more experienced experts. This video editing software creates high quality videos, runs well without any bugs and has a simple user interface. If you plan to use this tool regularly .the lifetime plan can save you a significant amount of money .You can use a trial version to try out its features and then buy the product if you like how it works.

3. Coral video studio

best free video editing softwares
3. Coral video studio

Coral video studio ultimate is a well-known name in the video editing industry having first appeared in 2004 with the release of its first edition. It is one of the best free video editing softwares . With coral video studio ultimate which is the most recent version of the software. Color grading capabilities have been improved more editing tools have been added and new possibilities for overlaying multiple videos have been added. Despite its complexity , this editor is quite user friendly. It’s possible that coral video studio will be the best choice if you’re new to video editing and looking for a user-friendly and entry-level program that doesn’t compromise on important features.

4. Movavi Video Suite

best free video editing softwares

Movavi video suite is an easy to use .It is one best free video editing softwares. Video editing software that’s ideal for beginners .Movavi video suite in addition to the video editor includes a variety of other useful tools. It comes with a screen recorder as well as a video converter and also the package includes a music converter ,a picture converter and the ability to create slideshows with the program.

Movavi has made changes to the user interface in order to make it more user-friendly. Designed to be quick and simple to use . Movavi video editor is a video editing software for mac and windows users .The application’s goal is to assist you in creating compelling content with the least amount of time and effort possible. Simple and advanced video editing features such as chroma key, keyframe animation and motion tracking are included in the software. provides regular updates as well as the release of new features to its users because of this and the other benefits listed above. movavi video editor is considered to be one of the best best free video editing softwares for beginners.

5. Filmora

best free video editing softwares

filmora is best free video editing softwares that i use on a daily basis .Before discovering filmora i was recording my computer screen and editing my videos with camtasia studio. However after experimenting with filmora ,i immediately switched to it and no questions were asked .The main reason for my use of filmora is it’s significantly cheaper than camtasia which costs around 300 dollar plus an additional 199 dollars .

If you really want to download the assets such as templates intros outros motion graphics and so on .Filmora is significantly less expensive a lifetime license for filmora costs eighty dollars and as far as the effects are concerned you can get away by using the software’s built-in effects. They perform far better than camtasia .You can also use filmora for absolutely free. However there will be a watermark on your edited video as a result.

let’s talk about filmora in more depth .Now filmora is an award-winning video editing software. That lets you create visually stunning videos without the need to do complex edits. the software is designed to be lightweight .So that even those with the lowest pc configurations can create videos with ease .

This video maker has stellar video and audio editing features such as motion tracking audio ducking color matching and keyframing animations. the best part is it removes all the complexity from most of the features and you can simply drag and drop them onto your video to implement them .You also get access to various other features like green screen video effects and filters split screen color grading speed control and more. Finally filmora makes the offer even sweeter by providing both free and paid versions .The best part about this is that the free version offers every feature that you get in the paid version.

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