Top 10 Best Projectors Under 500 Dollars

A lot of people are skeptical about investing in a projector. Not everyone can afford to spend thousands on one, but if you find the best projectors under $500, you don’t have to worry about your entertainment needs while at the office or at home.

There are many people who feel like projector models under $500 are not worth their investment, but these worries can be quickly resolved. Here is what you need to optimize your purchase decision:

Quick Answer: 10 Best Projectors Under 500 dolloars

  1. Artlii Energon Outdoor Projector – Best WiFi Bluetooth Projector
  2. ONOAYO 5G WiFi Projector – Best wireless Portable projector for phone
  3. Anker NEBULA Capsule Max – Best Mini Projector
  4. ViewSonic 3800 Projector – Best Projector for home and Office
  5. FANGOR 1080P Bluetooth Projector – Best outdoor movie projector
  6. ZCGIOBN Bluetooth Projector – Best Business and gaming Projector
  7. WiMiUS P28 WiFi LED Projector – Best 4k Home Theater projector
  8. XNoogo 5G Projector – Best 4k  Mini Projector
  9. BenQ WXGA Business Projector – Best Projector For office
  10. YABER Y31 Projector –  Best Home Theater Projector

Artlii Energon Outdoor Projector – Best WiFi Bluetooth Projector

Artlii Energon  Outdoor Projector - Best WiFi Bluetooth Projector


  • Native 1080P
  • UHD support 4K
  • 340 ANSI lumens
  • 17 Million Color Range
  • 2.4G/5G Bluetooth and WiFi Connection
  • Versatile Digital Connectivity

Artlii Energon 2 is quickly becoming the go-to projector for movie enthusiasts that demand a high-quality image. It has 1080P native resolution, combined with Full HD resolution and a long-lasting battery.

The projector can provide images of similar quality regardless of where you point it. Energon uses 242 high luminous efficiency LEDs.

Brightness is an important characteristic of picture quality. Experts often assess the overall brightness of a projector on how well it shows images in different environments.

Considering this criterion, the Energo 2 is one of the projectors available today with the best image quality. It has a brightness of up to 340 ANSI lumens and a 10000:1 contrast ratio.

With up to 1080P 60Hz, this is the perfect projector under $500 for watching movies at home. The Advanced Color Engine with this chip allows you to see rich images with a much brighter picture quality than other digital projectors.

  • Support 4k
  • Built-in stereo speakers.
  • Brightness 340 ANSI lumens.
  • Sometimes the zoom function doesn’t work

ONOAYO 5G WiFi Projector – Best wireless Portable projector for phone

ONOAYO 5G WiFi Projector - Best wireless Portable projector for phone


  • 5.1 Bidirectional Bluetooth
  • 5G WiFi Projector
  • 9800L & Native 1080P
  • 12000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 4-Point Keystone Correction
  • ZOOM Function
  • Dust-Proof Sealed Optical Engine
  • Multimedia Connection

ONOAYO is one of the most unique pieces of technology that can help achieve high picture quality at home. The projector offers amazing features & it’s an affordable option you’ll love.

ONOAYO offers a 9500L brightness, a 1920x1080P high resolution, and a 12000:1 contrast ratio. As a result of these features, the product has great color reproduction and vivid images. ONOAYO with its excellent display quality makes it a great projector to use for home cinema.

Onoayo projectors feature exceptional picture quality that makes your presentations visually stunning. They also can connect with other peripherals such as speakers using the latest two-way Bluetooth technology.

It’s easy to connect your projector to external speakers or headphones, and you can enjoy high-quality sound. The projector can also be connected via Bluetooth to play music on your smartphone. That makes it different from a lot of projectors on the market, which only has an audio port for a built-in speaker.

If you want best wireless Portable projector for phone under 500 dollars then this projector might be best choice for you.

  • 4 point Keystone correction
  • Bidirectional Bluetooth
  • Zoom function
  • Dustproof optical motor
  • Great picture quality
  • Playing high-end games for long periods of time can produce heat

Anker NEBULA Capsule Max – Best Mini Projector

Anker NEBULA Capsule Max - Best Mini Projector


  • Resolution HD 720p.
  • 200 ANSI Lumens.
  • DLP technology
  • Smart OS
  • Instant Clarity

Anker NEBULA is the perfect projector to use in low-light environments due to its high contrast ratio.

This projector uses a 200-ANSI lumen, advanced DLP technology lens. So your experience of the movie will be amazing like you’re in a high-class cinema!

Along with being one of the best projectors in its price range, Anker has features that make it easier to get the most out of your movie time.

One of these things is the super-sharp autofocus feature of this projector. It helps you get a clear image from any angle, so whether you project on the wall or mount it on a tripod, the footage will still be crisp and clear.

The Nebula Projector’s intelligent operating system has made it possible to stream apps like Youtube and Netflix. This is perfect for all the people who love their internet streaming!

  • Smart OS
  • 200-ANSI lumen brightness.
  • DLP technology
  • Autofocus technology
  • Not support Chromecast.

ViewSonic 3800 Projector – Best Projector for home and Office

ViewSonic 3800 Projector - Best Projector for home and Office


  • 800 x 600p Resolution
  • Brightness 3800 Lumens.
  • DLP Technology
  • Versatile Projector
  • Big Screen Projection
  • Easy Setup
  • Long Lamp Life
  • Flexible Connectivity

A projector is one of the essential pieces of equipment in any educational setting and needs to be good for brightness and compatible with multiple devices. The ViewSonic projector exceeds expectations in that regard.

The projector has a brightness of 3800 Lumen and helps bring the sharpest and easiest-to-see images even in low-light environments.

Although the SVGA resolution is not the best & most affordable, it’s the optimal resolution for presenting charts, images, and other text. The 800×600 resolution will provide you with sharp visuals and won’t have any trouble when submitting a project with this projector.

ViewSonic provides you with a simple setup process. By plugging power, you can start using the projector quickly and with ease.

The simplicity of the ViewSonic projectors is one of their best features. They offer a variety of options and settings, so you don’t have to worry about connectivity or customization. Your projector can be connected to many different devices, which is perfect for your home theater.

  • best for home and office
  • 15,000 hours Lamp life
  • Easy to set up
  • low range remote control

FANGOR 1080P Bluetooth Projector – Best outdoor movie projector

FANGOR  1080P Bluetooth Projector - Best outdoor movie projector


  • Anti-Dust
  • Advanced Low Noise Design
  • 10000:1 contrast ratio
  • 1920*1080 resolution
  • Brightness 8500L
  • Screen Synchronization
  • ±45° Keystone Correction and Zoom
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Function
  • Extensive Compatibility

If you want to bring the whole cinema into your home, you should consider buying a projector, like the Fangor 8500L. It may be one of the best projectors under $500 with impressive image quality.

Fangor has several models with unsurpassed image quality and features, such as Full HD native resolution, 10000:1 contrast ratio, and 8500 Lumen brightness. There’s no doubt that this projector delivers outstanding color accuracy with a high-quality visual experience at all times.

The sharpness of the Fangor PRO is 80% higher than DLP 1080p projectors and its colors remain vibrant. It’s a good choice for home cinema setups.

Fangor’s case design is also dust-proof and prevents black spots on your screen because it makes the images on the screen brightness. This projector delivers amazing audio quality that makes the movie or show more immersive.

  • Digital keystone correction .
  • Anti-Dust.
  • Advanced Low Noise Design.
  • 80% higher sharpness than normal 1080p DLP Projector.
  • There don’t seem to be any zoom settings
  • Fan seems rather loud.

ZCGIOBN Bluetooth Projector – Best Business and gaming Projector

ZCGIOBN Bluetooth Projector -  Best Business and gaming Projector


  • Upgrade 2.4/5G dual-band WiFi
  • 1920×1080 native resolution
  • 8000 lumens high brightness
  • 4K supported
  • LED light lamp with 50,000 hours
  • Perfect for Big-Screen Entertainment
  • Various Interfaces
  • High Compatibility
  • 4D/automatic keystone correction

Zicgiobn is one of the best projectors for gaming, especially for those who have a lot to do on the go. In order to achieve a fast & seamless wifi connection, Zicgiobn uses a technology known as 5G wireless internet. Now you can connect your projector quickly &easily!

If you are passionate about gaming on the big screen, then you’ve probably noticed that it’s a lot easier to game without having to worry about complicated adapters.

In addition, this projector also supports Bluetooth. This feature allows you to combine projector technology with a Bluetooth speaker. This helps create unique audio experiences, including audio effects and soundtracks not found in any other game.

With the model in mind, the manufacturer has diffused light to help your eyes focus on the image. Whether you’re playing games for hours on end or watching your favorite show for a long time, your eyes will be able to absorb a lot more of the picture and focus on it easily.

  • 5G wireless connection
  • 4K supported
  • cooling system
  • Easy screen synchronization
  • It sounds like the cooling fan makes noise

WiMiUS P28 WiFi LED Projector – Best 4k Home Theater projector

WiMiUS P28 WiFi LED Projector - Best 4k Home Theater projector


  • 1920×1080 Resolution
  • 10000 Candela Brightness
  • LCD Display Technology
  • 10000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • Dual 10w HIFI Speaker
  • ±50°keystone Correction
  • Wifi Mirroring
  • 150,000 Hours Led Lamp

Have you ever wanted to project images on your ceiling? Well, if so, the WiMiUS P28 might be for you! It supports four projection modes. You can project it from the front or from its sides or on top of a surface. And if that doesn’t work, it also has a portable stand that offers rear projection!

That’s good to know about curved theater projectors. It’s also great that you can use a 4D ± 50° Keystone editor so that you can position the projector in any room and still get a crisp picture. WiMiUs also has a pretty innovative feature in the form of the X & Y zoom function!

  • Pretty loudspeakers
  • Bright display
  • Great clarity
  • Multiple connection options
  • Ceiling mountable
  • Easy setup
  • easy adjustment
  • Great value for money
  • Loud fans
  • Soft text display
  • No HDR

XNoogo 5G Projector – Best 4k  Mini Projector

XNoogo 5G Projector - Best 4k  Mini Projector


  • 1080P Resolution
  • 9600 Lux Brightness
  • LCD. Display Technology
  • 450″ Big screen
  • HiFi Stereo Sound
  • Multi-Function Inputs
  • Bluetooth projector
  • 4k Video

It is without a doubt that the XNoogo 5G projector is one of the best projectors available under 500. It offers excellent image quality, high compatibility, and it’s specifically great for use in outdoor parties….it’s totally worth it!”

It has been said that this particular model can provide images of 9600 lumens brightness, the ability to display a 10,000:1 high contrast ratio, and HD quality. This should not be surprising since this budget projector was made specifically for a popular project. You’ll be thrilled with the realism & sound quality you get from XNoogo! Having projector screens that go up to 450” is helpful.

  • Support 4k Video
  • Compatible with Dolby Digital.
  • Multi-Function Inputs.
  • heavy to carry.

BenQ WXGA Business Projector – Best Projector For office

BenQ WXGA Business Projector - Best Projector For office


  • 4000 ANSI Lumens brightness
  • 20000:1 contrast ratio
  • Fast Transmission
  • Dual Connectivity
  • lamp power up to 70%
  • Easy setup

There are professional-grade projectors under $500, and they have some pretty decent specs. Still, you’re going to need a projector for our home entertainment, so it’s worth getting the best one possible.

Many projectors in this price range not only have optimal features for office work but also have features specifically for entertainment at home.

BenQ’s DLP video projector is different from other models because it has up to three display modes specifically for business. The first display mode is the Data Review mode, which is designed to emphasize data.

Meanwhile, the projector automatically adjusts colors when switching from standard view to presentation mode. For presentations with more than one image, the media projector also has a dedicated Infographic mode.

While it might seem like your presentations, reports, & graphic publications are fully featured, they may not be able to display even the smallest nuances. With an HDMI port on this big-screen monitor that’s backed by a great brand like BenQ, you can make the most of all your data and enjoy smoother presentations, faster productivity.

  • SmartEco mode
  • Dust sensor
  • Dual Connectivity
  • 3 display mode
  • Power-Saving
  • Energy-Saving
  • Perfect Alignment
  • sometime low sound volume

YABER Y31 Projector –  Best Home Theater Projector

YABER Y31 Projector -  Best Home Theater Projector


  • Innovative One-Click to Brighten
  • 4D Keystone Correction Function
  • 1080P Native Resolution
  • Support Play 4k Video
  • 9000L Brightness
  • Contrast ratio of 10000:1
  • HiFi Stereo Sound
  • Advanced Cooling System
  • lamp life 100000 hours.

Yaber has a lot of innovative features built into its projector It has 1080P Native Resolution and 9000L Brightness which supports Support Play 4k Video. It has a better cooling system as well as very high hours of use which makes it easy to see when you buy the right size projector for your office. The new product uses intelligent temperature management technology, which automatically adjusts the speed of the cooling fan whenever it detects a warm light source or overheating.

The projector uses double-sided heat dissipation to improve heating. This system is 2 times more efficient than the common projectors, however, it makes a 30-40% reduction in noise.

The Yaber Y31 projector also has an impressive contrast ratio: 10000: 1 and is one of the few devices in its price range to have a better contrast ratio. It also means that it’s almost unrivaled when it comes to vivid images, which will make for a much more impressive presentation.

  • Easy set-up
  • Solid speakers
  • Temperature control
  • Focus issues
  • durable up to 1-2 years only

Buying Guide – Best Projectors Under $500

If you’re overwhelmed by the list of 10 projector models above, consider these factors while narrowing down your choices:


Which projector do you want for your home? There are two technologies that are commonly called LCD and DLP.

LCD projectors have a lower cost, while DLP projectors have the most professional-grade image quality. They both offer a great range of features but know what tasks will be best served with your purchase.

Projectors with DLP technology are very popular in today’s digital revolution. They supply images suited for projection and deliver higher quality than LCD projectors.


Projector brightness typically ranges from 650 to 5000 ANSI lumens. If you’re in a dark room, getting a projector with less than 1000 lumens is an economical option. Indoors, however, make sure you get one with at least 500 lumens so that you can see clearly outdoors.


Using your projector for presentations and movie nights is simple. As long as you’re using graphically-intensive programs, such as Powerpoint, SVGA resolutions are enough – they don’t have to be HD or 4K like some projectors do. Avoiding these high-resolution screens will save you money in the long run.


5G wifi connection technology is the most advanced at the moment. However, in terms of application, you should still focus on small devices that have a range of connecting methods, including wireless connections.


You probably may have chosen your favorite Projector by now, but if not and you have any questions related to this, feel free to leave a comment with them and our team will respond soon.

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