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Robot Vacuum
Shark AV2501AE AI Robot Vacuum 

To help the shark iq robot navigate your home effectively .Follow these quick and easy tips for optimizing your home for cleaning. First place the dock on a hard bare Floor surface. This will help the robot dock quickly and easily. Place the dock with its back against the wall with a clear path for the robot to return .Next remove objects like loose clothing phone chargers power cables toys and drapes .

Shaggy rugs and thin bathroom mats can be a challenge to your robot .Remove them before cleaning as well because your iq robot will map your entire home enabling you to select which rooms you want to clean right now be sure to open all doors to rooms. You’d like mapped if there are any areas you do not want your shark iq robot to map use your boundary strips to prevent access. .

Setting up your best shark iq Robot Vacuum self-empty

Setting up your shark iq robot self-empty is easy. First set up your charging base use the cord wrap behind the dock to shorten the cord as needed .Make sure that the power switch is turned on the power indicator will light up green when the base is plugged in. Find a permanent location with strong wi-fi signal for your base in an open area that can easily be accessed by your robot.

The base should be placed on hard floors or on carpet with the shark mat below The more room in front of your dock without any obstructions the better. Remove any objects that are closer than three feet from either side of the base or closer than five feet from the front of the base. Prolonged direct sunlight can interfere with your iq robot’s navigation when docking. So avoid placing the base under or around bright windows .

Robot Vacuum
Shark AV2501AE AI Robot Vacuum 

Next remove any protective plastic from your robot sensors .Then turn it over and Install the two side brushes. to charge the robot turn the power switch located on the side of the robot to the on position then slide the robot with its backside against the base. Charging can take up to six hours when charging begins the robot will beep and the dock light will turn from green to blue. When charging is complete the battery icon on the robot will illuminate solid blue. Next prepare your home for cleaning clear cords and remove small objects like toys socks and drapes from floors .

Open interior doors and rooms you want your robot to clean .if there are areas you’d like the robot to avoid use bot boundary strips to keep your robot out of them .For example block off power cords or high thresholds before your first cleaning be sure to set up the shark clean app to control your robot. capture your home map and schedule a whole home cleaning. The remainder of this how-to assumes that your app has already been set up once the robot is charged press clean to send it to action. as it cleans your robot will automatically create a map of your home allowing you to separate it into specific rooms like the living room bedroom or kitchen .

After a few cleaning sessions this map will allow you to select specific rooms to clean or you can even set cleaning schedules for the Whole house. your robot will take multiple runs to build and refine your home layout. do not lift the robot while it’s cleaning because that could interfere with its ability to create a map and clean your home effectively.

If the robot gets stuck during cleaning free the robot manually and place it within one foot of its last cleaning spot. for homes larger than 1800 square feet we recommend activating the recharge and Resume feature in the app. your robot returns to the base recharges and can pick up where it left off for best results run your robot in well-lit conditions .if you run your robot at night make sure to keep the lights on in the rooms to be cleaned .

Understanding the shark iq Robot Vacuum light indicators.

Robot Vacuum
Shark AV2501AE AI Robot Vacuum 

your iq Robot Vacuum will use its indicator lights to communicate its status to you let’s look at some of the things it will tell you .Your battery’s charge is indicated here when the lights are blinking like so the robot is charging for a full charge allow at least three hours. When all the lights are a solid blue your iq robot is fully charged and ready to go. When only one battery indicator is blue your battery is only partially charged .If there’s only one battery indicator that’s red your iq robot is ready for a charge and will soon return to the dock to do so .

In the event that your robot’s battery indicator is flashing red then it has gotten too low and won’t have enough Energy to return on its own if this happens manually place the robot back on its base .When placed correctly it will beep the lights will flash indicating it’s home happy and ready to charge if there are no lights at all your robot may have been shut off or is completely out of charge.

Your iq robot will indicate its wi-fi status to you through a series of indicator lights While it’s pairing the wi-fi light will flash blue once it’s successfully paired the blue light will stop flashing and remain solid .If your light is solid red it is not connected to wi-fi and if there is no wi-fi light at all your iq robot’s wi-fi hasn’t been set up yet. If the exclamation indicator is on or the clean or dock button are red please Refer to your owner’s guide..

Download the shark clean app to get the most out of your shark iq robot control your robot from anywhere with the app or use voice control with Alexa or google assistant and even select specific rooms to clean immediately. customize your cleaning modes .Decide when you want to schedule a whole home cleaning .stay up to date on how your robot is performing .you can even review your robot’s progress .adjust your robot settings from anywhere and select features like recharge and resume where your robot returns to the base recharges and can pick up where it left off recharge and resume is recommended for homes larger than 1800 square feet to help your robot get to all areas during Its cleaning.

Quick Features

  • Shark IQ Robot
  • Self-Empty Base
  • Side Brushes & Filter


  • Easy set up
  • Quiet


  •  cranky to set up up the software
  • Can’t schedule by room
  • It’s a bag less vac

What is the Self-Empty Base in Shark AV1010AE IQ Robot Vacuum?

The Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty XL includes a bagless base that holds up to 45 days’ worth of dust and debris before being emptied, for a hands-off cleaning experience, unlike robots that need to be manually emptied after each cleaning.

How does this robot vacuum cleaner map your home?

This robot uses thousands of data points to assess its location and create a map by identifying your rooms with home mapping,

Can I connect this robot vacuum cleaner to my smart home?

Yes, your robot can connect to your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa devices

Is the Shark IQ Robot Vacuum suitable for pet owners?

Absolutely Yes

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