Blink Cameras Not Working – How to show Blink camera on TV?

Blink cameras are becoming more and more popular, especially because they can be watched on TVs. They even have audio capabilities with the latest versions which make it feel as though you\’re there in person.

Completely control your home with just a few taps on your smartphone. The night vision and motion detection of the camera can help provide you peace of mind 24/7. You can view live footage, motion clips, arm or disarm the system through voice-control enabled Alexa.

Blink has no monthly fees or service contract which means you can store hundreds of clips for an entire year. There’s really no better choice than this awesome camera!

Set up with ease.

Blink Cameras Not Working

If you’re getting errors that say “Live View Failed”, “Thumbnail Failed”, or “Camera Busy”, then it might be time to start troubleshooting your Blink Sync Module. These are the devices responsible for keeping your camera connected to Wi-Fi and other things.

Unfortunately, if Blink sees any of these errors, it can also mean that your internet connection is down at home or your batteries are dead. However, all of these fixes are really simple. Following this guide will get your security system working again in no time!

  • Check Wi-Fi connection strength and the LED light
  • Try power cycling the device
  • Try to reset the Sync Module and camera
  • Reset the Wi-Fi router and then reconnect
  • Consider an alternate power supply

If the fixes listed above do not work for you, reach out to Blink’s customer service. They can help you redeem your warranties and offer to repair your camera system (Sometimes, these solutions are free). Otherwise, you would need to purchase a new camera system.

Let us know if this fix worked for your Blink camera or if you found a different solution in the comments below. That way, someone with the same problem can find out about it.

How to show Blink camera on TV?

 Blink camera
Blink camera

You will need an Amazon Echo-enabled device to do this. We recommend the Amazon Fire TV stick. It’s so easy to setup and works on both Android and iOS devices.

Follow the following steps to to show Blink camera on TV:

  • Download Amazon Alexa app
  • Sign to an Alexa account
  • Go to Skills and Games
  • Blink SmartHome installation
  • Discover devices and link with Blink cameras
  • Connect the Amazon Fire TV stick with your smart TV
  • Open the Amazon Alexa app
    • Open the Amazon Alexa app on your phone
    • Go to ‘Settings’ options and then click on ‘TV and Video’.
    • From there, click ‘Fire TV’ and select ‘Manage device’.
    • Choose the Amazon Fire TV Stick to link with Alexa.
    • You will now be paired up with Echo Dot.
  • View camera live feed
    • Now you’re ready to show Blink camera live feed on your TV-connected smart TV
Blink Camera
Blink Camera

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