Butyce Y8 Pro Max massage gun review

Massage guns offer great relief for sore muscles & promote blood flow. They’re excellent for athletes too!

Find out more about the Butyce massage gun which has a 1300 to 3,200 rpm capability in this review. Provide deep tissue massage for athletes anywhere.

What we get in the box?

  • Charger Adapter 1
  • Massage Gun 1
  • Travel Case 1
  • Massage Head 8
  • User Manual 1

Specification of Butyce Y8 Pro Max massage gun

  • Pressure sensor
  • adjustable speed
  •  4800mAh Lithium battery
  • Interchangeable head attachments
  • AI intelligent control chip
  • Brushless high torque motor
Butyce Y8 Pro Max massage gun
Butyce Y8 Pro Max massage gun

Pros & Cons of Butyce Y8 Pro Max massage gun

  • Low noise.
  • Huge battery capacity.
  • Pressure-based adaptive speeds.
  • Accessories.
  • Long 14mm amplitude.
  • Tiny font on the LCD.
  • So-so ergonomics.

Butyce Y8 Pro Max massage gun review


Made of hard PC alloy, this muscle massager looks like it can take some abuse. Combined with lightweight Nylon 66 and Glass Fibre materials, the BUTYCE Y8 Pro Max Gun-Like Massage Tool is extremely durable and long-lasting.


The Y8 Pro Max is small and compact. It weighs just about 2 pounds, which is also about average for a gun in its category.

The screen at the bottom of the device displays your battery percentage left. There’s a display screen at the back that is unique – unlike what you see on most phones.

Some brief information:


It’s the most versatile attachment because it can be used on a variety of muscle groups from small to large.


perfect attachment to help you strengthen your muscular groups. Its versatility helps you target quads, hamstrings and chest muscles.


This attachment functions as a skin trapper. It is helpful for trapping in targeted areas around your hands and feet as well as ligaments.


This attachment can be placed on areas around the spine and neck, or used on your Achilles to improve blood flow and relieve pain.

The other attachments are related in some way to this.


The power button is located at the base of the device and is activated by a switch button. There are two icons on each side of the ON/OFF switch. Activating it with one of these will turn it on or off.


Butyce Y8 Pro Max massage gun
Butyce Y8 Pro Max massage gun

In Y8 Pro Max, 7 speeds are okay given it starts at 1300rpm. It has a pressure sensor that responds to the gun’s pressure and consequently increases intensity of the massage.


The Y8 Pro Max massage gun has a 23kg max strength which equals to 50lbs. This means that your massage will be deep and active with this device.

It’s a good product but falls short in certain areas when you place it against high-level players like Achedaway Pro , Theragun Pro, Happygun, and Ekrin B37/B37s. In fact Ekrin’s two best guns only have 12mm amplitudes.


The Y8 Pro Max massage gun has an excellent 1300-3200rpm percussion range. It’s long stroke length is quite impressive considering the range of power it is able to drive through.

Brands that offer low-speed intensity settings can be useful for beginners or those who are looking for a more delicate massage.


Butyce Y8 Pro Max massage gun
Butyce Y8 Pro Max massage gun

Think this gun runs on gasoline? Think again. This gun has a 4800mAh battery and can last up to 24 hours, meaning you will have enough juice for 15 sessions of percussive massage!


The Y8 Pro Max massage gun is an impressively quiet device. I can only hear it when it’s revving up between 25dB and 55dB, which is the perfect volume for carrying out a meeting or genuinely concentrating on work.


Congratulations on finishing our Butyce massage gun review! We hope that you found it insightful so you can make a smart decision for yourself and your needs.

It has performance features that are above average compared to other Amazon devices. The seller also offers it for a lower price, which is good for people who cannot afford expensive guns. It’s perfect for runners, cross-fitters, and people who frequently work out. Demanding users will have to look somewhere else

Frequently Asked Question

Can the massage gun be used as a normal relaxing massage?

That sounds great! The massage gun can be used not only for everyday massages but also to help relax your muscles after a long workout.

Is it easy to use on self for shoulders?

yes. it’s easy to use. It’s also durable and doesn’t weigh much.

Is this massage gun useful for regular leg cramps?

Yes. it’s been great for my leg cramps. I often do yard work, so it’s been a relief after a long day to have some relaxation time.

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