My 6 best smudge painting from your any photo

It is an arts technique where some parts of a photo are smudged in a special way to create an image that looks as it was painted. you can hire me to create best smudge painting

M smudge painting list

smudge painting
smudge painting

Hi, I am Suman Yonjan ,professional graphics designer having a lot of exprerience. I will make you digital painting from your photo . you can use this painting as a memory or gift to someone

if there is any doubt? please message me

You can use this painting for:

  • Wall art
  • Valentine gift
  • Birthday gift
  • Wedding gift
  • Anniversary gift
  • Christmas gift
  • photo frames
  • Graduation gift
  • canvas print
  • profile pictures…..etc.
smudge painting
smudge painting
Smudge Painting
smudge painting
smudge painting
smudge painting
Smudge paint


Please send me a good quality pictures for and not blurred. Or you can send me few pictures and I will choose the best one for you.

Best regards,


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