Hot Bee Remote Control Dinosaur Toys Reviews

So you loved playing with the velociraptor Blue from JURASSIC DINOSAURS? Now you’re going to love throwing these remote control dinosaurs that look just like him! These walking dinosaurs have realistic movie details like his skin texture, vivid color, realistic shape and signature blue stripe. The one-of-a-kind velociraptor action figure will bring back your favorite childhood memories like no other toy can! It’s perfect for imaginative play or as a source of nostalgia.

This toy dinosaur is made of premium-grade ABS material, which is environmentally friendly and helps make sure kids are not harmed by the product. It does not smell, fade, or have any effect to children in general. This dinosaur toys are made of safe materials and they’re approved by the United States’ safety agency, CPSIA. All parts are tested to be approved and conform with their standards. These kids dinosaur toys with scales, horns, teeth and more will definitely be a hit!

This prehistoric dinosaur is sure to bring hours of fun for your children! It helps enhance creativity, strengthens hand-eye coordination and social skills, and also has the potential to increase imagination. It’s interactive nature makes it great for playing with children.

Hot Bee is a really cool company and their dinosaur toy is perfect for kids of any age. It’s a gift that your family members or friends will certainly love and use time & time again!

dinosaur toys for kids 5-7
Remote Control Dinosaur Toys

What we get in the gift box ?

  • 1 X Dinosaur Toys
  • 1 X Manual
  • 1 X USB Cable
  • 1 X Remote Control
  • 1 X Portable Gift Box

Features Remote Control Dinosaur Toys

  • 2.4G Five Channels
  • Built-in RG Battery
  • Simulation Appearance
  • Realistic Dinosaur Roaring
  • 18.1 Inch Long Body
  • Shaking Head & Walking function
  • Wonderful Operating Experience

Pros & Cons of Remote Control Dinosaur Toys


  • The rechargeable lithium battery is long-lasting
  • Allowing to walk anywhere, RC velociraptors come in 360-degree rotation.
  • The design of this toys provides the impression of fun and enjoyment, with features like swinging head and gleaming eyes.
  • Multi function
  • remote control
  • kid friendly materials


  • The tail may be fragile

One key demo

It’s easy to use and the Velociraptor will perform all the specific perfect actions like movies, while looking like a dinosaur.

Dinosaur Roaring and LED Light up

Bring it back to the prehistoric age with this new spinning red light and realistic roar sound, authentic color, and roar! The kids will love getting swept away in the prehistoric fantasy with these impressive dinosaurs.

Remote Control Dinosaur
Remote Control Dinosaur

Realistic Dinosaur Walking

Play out movie action scenes with an exciting dinosaur fossil remote control. With this remote control, you can control each one of the dinosaurs separately, letting them do exactly what your script requires. You can shake their heads and wag their tails to really amp the excitement up!

Remote Control Dinosaur walking
Remote Control Dinosaur walking


With more charge options, like a computer, power bank and socket, your “long playing time” will be uninterrupted.

 Remote Control Dinosaur Toys
Remote Control Dinosaur Toys


This prehistoric dinosaur is perfect for children of all ages! It provides hours of fun, sparks the imagination of your child, and improves hand-eye coordination. The toy itself could also help kids develop social skills. This Hot Bee Remote Control Dinosaur Toys is a great toy that can be enjoyed by both boys and girls, in any age range(4-12 years old), for birthdays or for holidays!

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