How To See Posts You’ve Liked On Instagram ?

Instagram is still one of the biggest social media platforms out there and has a lot to offer. You can use it to stay in touch with friends and family but also share something you’re proud of doing or as an influencer for your audience. The platform allows you to upload anything from photos to videos.

When using Instagram you may have liked posts like videos, reels, and stories. You may find it tough to remember the different posts you’ve liked in the past. We created a visual guide as a handy reference!

How To See Posts You’ve Liked On Instagram ?

Follow the Following steps to see posts you’ve liked on Instagram :

  • Open Your Instagram app.

  • Tap the Profile icon in the bottom right as shown in Pictures below.
see posts you've liked on Instagram
  • Tap the three lines icon in the top right.
tap three lines
  • Select the ‘Your activity.’ option as shown in the Pictures.
your activity
  • Go to ‘Interactions,’ and then ‘Likes.’

Note: You can also sort and Filter as shown in the pictures below. If you want to see recent liked post then Choose “Newest to Oldest Option“.

sort and filter

For More Information Visit Instagram Support Center

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