JMGO O1 Pro- Ultra-short Throw Smart LED Projector Review

Introducing JMGO O1 Pro – a projector that gives you the close-ups you need to navigate work projects, presentations, and good times. You’ll get an incredible large screen of up to 100 inches.

JMGO is a projector from Leica, a company traditionally known as one of the most prestigious brands in photography. It has been engineered for outstanding sound quality for movies and games. Dynaudio, an upscale audio company, was also chosen to produce speakers for this product. JMGO O1 Pro is able to achieve its crystal clear, crisp images with amazing lighting performance because of collaboration with Leica in the development and optimization of the optical engine design.


JMGO O1 Ultra Short Throw Projector

Leica’s engineers refined the lens design to perform better by increasing light transmittance reducing stray light and improving the projection brightness to 1250 ansi . Leica’s advanced imaging software can reduce tele centric distortion by 25%. This technology helps you get better images as it makes it easier to frame the frame.

The overall experience is spectacular with a variety of high-quality features that can enhance your viewing experience. JMGO O1 gets the ideal color temperature depending on the film, retaining original colors and all the beautiful details.

With intuitive gestures, you can easily control the volume or speed. Not impressed yet though? O1pro’s AI back camera automatically adjusts the brightness to the perfect level for accurate image projection even under strong light. It’s more than just a projector! It’s always ready to uplift the ambiance in your place. You can also make JMGO O1pro your personal assistant

JMGO O1 Pro- Ultra-short Throw Smart LED Projector


Boasts with the ultra-short-throw design, It has bigger view with a cinematic and uninterrupted experience at home without space limitation. JMGO 01 pro screen size is huge. It’s 80″ to 100″ when placed just 10.6 inches from the wall, which means no shadows created with the viewers’ movements across it.

This is the size of a conventional projector, with specs of 31cm wide, 24cm deep, and 10cm high. It weighs just 2.3kg and is light enough to easily mount on a ceiling without needing changes to the structure or wall.

Price and availability

Its available on amazon for $899.99


JMGO O1 Pro is a co-created product with Dynaudio. You can get cinematic stereo sound to match the stunning display.

This projector is co-created with a Dynaudio, the leading manufacturer of loudspeakers. The company is known for its powerful and immersive speakers and it will be enhanced in this new Hi-Fi projector that offers an unparalleled audio & visual feast even in a limited space.

Luna OS System

Luna OS is a new operating system that throws in a music visualizer, digital art gallery, and more at no extra charge.

You can switch easily between different messages or settings like art exhibitions, information hubs, and more by using Luna OS. It’s easy to navigate the various features when you navigate through the features with a simple click.


JMGO O1 pro is equipped with ports of 2 USB, 2 HDMI, 1 Optical, and 1 LAN. Your multimedia devices are now more compatible with the one screen! You’re able to unify all your gadgets, and it’ll be easier to display multimedia content on it. It also works across all your device ecosystems.

Return and Repair Warranty

JMGO offers a 360-day return and/or repair guarantee, as well as 24/7 live web chat & email support.

Key Features of JMGO O1 Pro- Ultra-short Throw Smart LED Projector


  • It has automatic keystone correction
  • Automatic focus
  • It has automatic color adjustment
  • It is Integrated Alexa
  • It has Ultra-short throw


ResolutionNative 1920*1080P, 4K compatibility
Projection Ratio0.25:1
Dynamic Contrast Ratio5000
storage3G RAM, 16G ROM
Built-in SystemLuna OS
Projection Size:80″-100″
PortsUSB2, HDMI2, S/PDIF1, RJ451
FocusFully Automatic Focus
KeystoneAuto Keystone Correction
Other featuresWall Color Calibration, Eye protection System
Why to buy
  • has a great picture and sound
  • it is easy to use
  • its easy to set up
  • Lowest priced UST projector available
  • Fluid and seamless performance
Why not to buy
  • its very Expensive relative to non-UST projectors
  • support only HD output
  • In a dark room it wasn’t very bright
  • Google Play Unsupported

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