Power legs vibration plate foot massager reviews

To use Power Legs, you’ll need to place your feet on the plates and then activate the device. It uses principles of acupressure to provide relief to your feet &legs. For healthy feet, Power Legs is a great tool! It provides acupressure techniques and vibrations that can help you to strengthen the feet and reduce foot pain.

Turn on your unit, plug it into a wall outlet, and choose the vibration intensity that you prefer. You can adjust the footrest to accommodate different sized feet.

Foot massages are becoming more popular these days and there are quite a few benefits to massage one’s feet. According to WebMD, it can help stimulate circulation and provide relief for muscles. There is also scientific evidence that it can activate the nervous system, produce brain chemicals like endorphins, reduce stress and keep your muscles healthy.

What we get in the box?

  • PowerLegs Unit,
  • PowerLegs Remote
  • Massage & Exercise Plan


  • foot massager unit
  • silicone pads
  • wireless remote control
  • AC adapter
  • Time control
  • Program display
  • Adjustable speed
  • 10 massage levels
  • ETL listed charger
Power legs vibration plate
Power legs vibration plate

Pros and Cons of Power legs vibration plate foot massager


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • portable
  • easy to store
  • Keeps the body and muscles active
  • Using a remote control for convenience
  • Comes with acupressure heads
  • You can have a fully customized massage from the comfort of your home!
  • Helps with blood circulation
  • Activate muscles in your legs
  • 10 massage levels


  • There are no options available for heat regulation
  • little bulky
  • It’s only for a limited time because of the intense massage, so give it a try and see what you can get out of it.
  • Made of low-quality plastic
  • may not include battery
  • The machine automatically shuts off

How does Power legs vibration plate work?

This massager is great because it doesn’t require batteries and can be operated with the press of a button. It also has a timer mode and various intensity settings, so it’ll leave you feeling relaxed and worked-up.

It’s a portable vibrating foot massager that can help relax your muscles and reduce ache & pain. Place it on the bottom of your feet and wait for a deep, vibrating massage.

It gets the heart rate up, provides a full-body workout without strain on your joints and muscles, is ideal for healthy individuals, pregnant women, and those with injury.

Power legs vibration plate foot massager
Power legs vibration plate foot massager

Power legs vibration plate foot massager reviews


This massager has two silicone heads that help your tired feet and aching legs feel reinvigorated. This makes it an excellent choice for use at home or office.


This product has a resistance level of 10 km with the dimensions 39 cm x 36 cm x 12 cm and weighs around 10.6 lbs. It comes with remote control, an adapter & the actuator

Vibration and Acupressure

The soft inflatable massage therapy ball that comes with innovative acupressure heads was created to help relieve leg muscle strains, increases blood circulation and promote a recovery process. Acupressure head massages are all the rage and a perfect way to unwind. Not only are they proven to help with stress, but they increase blood flow and release endorphins as well.


With the use of remote control and easily adjustable vibration settings, this massager gives you more control and saves your hands from fatigue.

Power legs vibration plate
Power legs vibration plate

Final Thoughts

Routine exercise followed by massage is a widely accepted and proven method that has been shown to relieve pain and tension in the feet and legs. Vibration devices such as power legs can also produce the same benefits. Electric massagers can come in handy for those with a tight and often multi-tasking schedule who often must stay at home and are restricted to remaining there due to their circumstances.

There’s no doubt that Power Legs can help relieve aches and pains not only in the legs but throughout the body. You can improve blood circulation by using vibratory systems such as this.

Frequently Asked Question

How often should I use Power Legs?

The recommended routine is just 10 minutes a day, 3 times each week. Review the manual and exercise plan for more options.

Is Power Legs Good for circulation?

Massaging the legs and feet is a relaxing, enjoyable, and popular way to pass time. There is little evidence that this is actually the case. The benefits of massages are unlikely to translate into clinically significant changes for many people.

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