Raycon earbuds, are they any good?

Raycon is a relatively new company that has been taking the earbuds market by storm. They’ve taken the lucrative market and smashed it with a few different products. The sounds they provide are great and they’re cheap! It can be difficult to distinguish between true wireless earbuds that are similarly priced. They vary in terms of design, sound quality and origin. We look at all the important factors before recommending a pair for purchase- with our recommendations guaranteed to please.

We tried out Raycon noise canceling headphones and found them to provide quite a bit of clarity. The Work Earbuds. At $149.99, they cost as much as a pair of Apple AirPods or Sony WF-SP800N. However, they are capable of offering a few extra features that might make them feel like a better deal in certain situations.

Raycon earbuds
Raycon earbuds

While Raycon makes many headphones, they also make a variety of other products including earbuds & earphones. Some of their most-popular products include their Everyday models with design facades made to stand the test of time, the Performance earbuds with over-the-ear hooks designed to keep them in place, and the Fitness Earbuds made for sports.

Almost all over-ear wireless headphones in this price range seem confusing, but compared to the other major players, these wireless headphones from TaoTronics seem like a great deal.

When it comes to earbuds, there are many different types that have different features and vary in pricing and specifications. We will be looking at the pros and cons of each type of an earbud today as well as their pricing and specs before moving on to wrap things up with our overview of the company behind them.

Should I buy a pair of Raycon earbuds? 

If you’re looking for a cheap and simple alternative to the more high-end headphones (like the Apple AirPods and Google Pixel Buds), then yeah these earbuds will definitely fit your needs.

With this device, you save money & time. It provides 8 hours of battery life and beautiful image quality with a long-lasting wireless case. Why not make use of these awesome headphones and get your workout done on the go? They’re IPX6-certified so they’re perfect for workouts. And their sound quality is also lovely – a rare find at this price point!

 Raycon earbuds
Raycon earbuds

You get better performance from the Raycon Performance earbuds We gave you a case that has a better battery life. $110 is a lot of money to spend on headphones but if you can’t find a pair that stay in your ears properly, it’s worth it. Raycon Everyday are good starters that won’t rip your wallet in half, and they come with a bunch of ear tips so you can find the perfect one.

After not being pleased with the performance of other true wireless earbuds, Raycon has introduced and new model that’s IPX7 rated making it better designed for working out.

The Raycons’ ear tips come in a variety of colors and are made of two materials with different levels of grip to keep them securely in place. They can also be used together with Bluetooth headphones like those by Samsung, though they cost more than those. The earphones are more expensive at $119.99, but they come with a number of stabilizer fins that make them stay in your ears better. The Raycon The Work earbud line offers its users various options, low to high, and the top-of-the-line model offers the most for both cost and performance.

To justify their purchase cost, these earphones have six microphones, active noise cancellation and solid memory foam ear tips. They look similar to those in the AirPods and they can be used to connect with others while on the go. There is a problem with earbuds. The connectivity sometimes doesn’t work, & they’re not designed especially well. Nevertheless, they still make for a considerable purchase. Their design is impressive and the sound quality is exceptional. They fit comfortably even with their included foam tips and provide best-in-class comfort that won’t be found in most earbuds.

Raycon earbuds
Raycon earbuds

It is not recommended to wear these headphones in a very loud environment since the bass response won’t be as good. Instead, you should give them time to properly adjust to your ears. The Work earbuds are by far the overall most popular choice for commuting. They come with active noise cancellation and their sound quality is unbeatable. You should pair this combo with an external mic to use for teleconferencing, recording video calls, & more!

You can get superior sound quality with the Performance buds so you’ll be pleased with your purchase. They also look more comfortable for longer wear.

 Raycon Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds
 Raycon Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

Is It Really A Good Company?

What can I say about the company, other than that it was co-founded by Ray J, an American rapper turned reality TV star, alongside the other Ray, Ray Lee. With less expensive options, the two founders of a new wireless headphone company are setting out to undercut traditional tech companies with their innovation. Raycon has become a popular brand since 2017 because of its mix of celebrity endorsements and YouTube affiliates. Because their prices are low, they can continue to provide discounts and further their success.

Raycon’s earbuds have received a lot of positive reviews on the company’s website. They have achieved this largely through testing, though some might not mention the downsides or difficulties they encounter with using Raycon’s earbuds. The company is trustworthy, but not perfect. It’s worth considering if you know what you’re getting yourself into.

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