The Mebak Massage Gun Review – Is it Worth the Price?

Question: Does Mebak massage go really work? Answer: YES! It’s one of the best choices. Now, get rid of muscle pain, neck & back soreness and enjoy long working hours.

Mebak Massage guns are beneficial in many ways. Athletes use them to heal bones and muscles and prevent injury. Long-term volt caseworker love them because they provide deep kneading pressure, optimum for muscular relief, which is especially significant during the holiday season. Office workers find that massage gun facilitates relaxation because it offers a stress-relieving and soothing sensation.

Mebak Massage Gun
Mebak Massage Gun

What is Mebak ?

The Mebak is a portable wireless percussion massage gun that helps to relieve muscle soreness and stiffness.

What is percussion massage?

Percussion massages offer a revolutionary way of treating soft tissue pain and soreness. The short duration, rapid pulses of sound can provide relief quickly.

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Mebak Massage Gun

What we get in the box of Mebak Massage Gun ?

We have the Mebak 3 in a white box. The box contains:

  • 7 head attachments
  • The Mebak massager
  • Charger Adapter
  • A detailed manual

Features of Mebak Massage Gun

  • 5 adjustable speed levels
  • 1150 – 2800 percussion per minute
  • Noise-free massage gun
  • 6 massage head attachments
  • Get 6 rechargeable 2000mAh batteries
  • Accelerate muscle-activation & recovery
  • Workout more effectively

Pros & Cons of Mebak Massage Gun


  • simple and Easy to use.
  • A storage case is sturdy.
  • For a good quality massage gun worth the money, this product does everything it needs to.
  • Mebak massage gun comes with 7 different heads for every muscle type.
  • Long-lasting battery
  • has 5 different massage settings
  • A fantastic massage experience that is quiet and peaceful
  • These are sturdy and have the adjustable settings you need for a deep tissue massage.


  • It is important to take care of your battery if you want it to last for as long as possible.

Mebak massage gun review

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The Mebak 3 is the ultimate massage therapy device that you can take anywhere! It weighs just 2.1 lbs & can provide extended hours of maximum therapeutic pressure.


The Build overall is a great product & it’s the focus of this review. The handle & grip of the Build make it less likely that you will drop it. It’s made out of smooth silicone to provide excellent grip and feel, but also soft-touch plastic for daily wearability.

Carrying Case

The molded hardshell case is made of faux carbon fiber, which has a vinyl finish and a flexible feeling that can take some knocks without being damaged. This case is the perfect design for anyone with a taste for quality tech gear. This case features two easy-to-open zippers with rubbery ends. It is also made from a colourful material that helps to keep each piece held in place nicely and not sacrificing any structure. There is no doubt that this case is a must-have for your next adventure!


The handle is long enough to be suitable for use on your back without the need for another person’s help. The handle also has a rubbery grip with vertical non-slip lines allowing you a firm grasp of the device when using it.

LCD Indicator

The LCD touch control allows you to change the speed of your ride on a whim. You also have a battery release button that’s easy to use, so there’s no more hassle if you happen to forget your charger! The back of the device contains important features such as color indicators, battery life reservation, and options for changing pressure on your body.

Massager head 

The Bump head, the Cushion head and the Bullet head exist separately of other massage heads and include features that help address a variety of massage issues.

  • You should use the round head to massage these large muscle groups to alleviate pain. You should focus on areas that are sensitive, such as your lower back and hamstrings.
  • Bullet head: This is a local point of pain that you manage and it yields fast results.
  • The Cushion Head is a popular yoga tool that has become increasingly trendy. It helps you massage thin muscles and joints, and it’s also recommended for use during pregnancy.
  • The Shovel Head is used to massage the lower back, shoulder and neck.
  • You can use a fork in specific areas to loosen up while releasing tension.
  • The Flat Head can be used to massage all parts of your body.
  • The Bump is for all body parts.


This device can adjust to 5 different speed levels, allowing you to use it for a deep massage (up to 3200 percussion per minute!). It also comes with multiple head attachments, which are included in its 12 mm deep pressure. This is why the massager can hit different muscle groups, and have a positive impact on your health.


The battery generally lasts about 3 hours from a full charge and there is little difference between it and other more expensive batteries such as the Hypervolt. It provides a long-lasting battery and powerful massage. It is powered by a 2600mAh lithium battery that can provide you with the required power to have a strong massage session.


This brushless high-torque motor brings a lot of power and is comparable to other motor options available, with 5 different speed levels of 650 – 3200 RPM. It also produces a very quiet noise level of 40 dB-50 dB in operation. This lets you enjoy your massage experience without adding unnecessary stress to your personal life.


The Mebak 3 may be one of the most pleasing mid-tier massagers to use, as it produces a low level of noise and high levels of comfort. It has an average noise level of 39db, which is much lower than the range most other mid-tier massagers produce and higher than that produced by other comparably priced products.

It might seem like noise levels in the lower speed modes of this motor are low. However, it’s worth noting that they are only low in the lower speed mode. If you’re looking for high-speed operation where noise will be more noticeable, go to higher modes instead.

When you push the massager to its upper speed settings, it becomes louder. The noise level is around 60 dB which is more than adequate if you want to be silent while in use.

Frequently Asked Question

How do you re-charge Mebak massage gun exactly?

The included adapter is just plugged into the massage gun and an outlet, making for quick charging! Plus, this product maintains its battery life for a bit.

Is there a heat setting?

No, there is not any heating setting

Is this the best Electric Massagers brand?

The quality looks good but not the best brand there are more other brands.

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