Vizio 32 Inch TVs D series: Their Features and Pricing

Vizio 32 Inch TVs D series is an inexpensive option with a small screen, offering features beyond what you might expect. You might be tempted to buy it because of the low cost, but don’t think that it doesn’t have any other merits.

You can’t expect to get the best experience when maxing out at 1080p and it doesn’t support an HDR experience. If you’re looking for TVs at this price range, then you should look into Samsung for the best 4K result with superior entertainment quality. Streaming services are becoming more popular than ever and we’re glad. They save time, space, money and provide a great way to enjoy your favorite shows on the go. If being a bargain is important to you, you’ll want to take a look at the Vizio D-Series TV. It has great features in exchange for lower costs and it’s one of the best TVs out there.

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  • Price: $249
  • Model number: D40f-J09
  • Screen size: 40 inches
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • HDR: N/A
  • Refresh rate: 60 Hz
  • Ports: 2 HDMI, 1 USB
  • Audio: 10W, 2.2.2 channel sound
  • Smart TV software: Vizio SmartCast
  • Size: 35.6 x 20.5 x 2.5 inches (w/o stand)
  • Weight: 12.2 pounds (w/o stand)


  • Small size options
  • Best gaming TV
  • Many smart features


  • No HDR support
  • Struggles with high-contrast
  • Poor audio

Price and Configuration

For an entry-level, budget-friendly TV, the Vizio D-Series is a great choice. The 32-inch model costs $310.95. It has the most features and highest picture quality for its price range. We don’t know if our user experience of the smallest version reflects the experience of using standard or large versions.

Vizio 32 Inch TVs D series : Design

The Vizio 32 Inch TVs D series isn’t special when it comes to assembly and the included V-shaped feet. The only difference is that it looks nice. The design of the D-Series LED TV has a capability to be perfect for wall mounting with its 200mm x 100mm stand. This is also attached with some of the best TV mounts currently on the market. I don’t love the look of the plastic chassis that got added to the TV. It’s a raised bezel with traditional Vizio branding, I don’t prefer it either. But, you might be thinking that this set is not good-looking.

Vizio 32 Inch TVs D series : Audio

Vizio’s D-Series television boasts high volumes and clean audio, but it doesn’t have the greatest bass. If you like to listen to music while watching TV, then this will be an okay option for you. Additionally, the experienced audio quality is one of the positive aspects of these speakers.

If you’re looking for an audio upgrade with your TV, a soundbar or a subwoofer might be the best option. The best TVs have the ability to produce crisp and clean audio on their own, but many people prefer using one of these options in conjunction with their TV. But we recommend soundbars to anyone who is looking for a higher-quality entertainment experience.

Vizio 32 Inch TVs D series : Remote

 Vizio 32 Inch TVs D series : Remote
Vizio 32 Inch TVs D series : Remote

The Vizio D-Series IR remote has plenty of buttons that are unique to this device. They include buttons for popular streaming channels such as Netflix & Prime Video, and more. There is also one built-in button to adjust the volume level effortlessly.

The remote features a wide range of intuitive buttons. Additionally, it offers complementary functions from within the mobile app, providing users with an easy way to control the settings without having to dig through the product manual.

Vizio 32 Inch TVs D series : Performance

 Vizio 32 Inch TVs D series : Performance
Vizio 32 Inch TVs D series : Performance

I was really excited to try out the Vizio D-Series when I first heard about it. I didn’t feel like the TV blew me away, in comparison to Samsung’s QLED TVs that are usually more impressive but still a step up from LEDs like the Vizio.

Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker does not include the D-series in its opening scene. However, Vizio fans who saw the latest movie complained about the high-contrast strobe effects in its opening scene, saying it was hard to see a severe-looking Emperor Palpatine because of Exegol’s shadows.

However, these went well in the next sequence when Rey finishes a jungle obstacle course quickly. Though there wasn’t the best definition in some areas of the HDR, she still looked great as she moved. The D-Series is great at creating contrast in the dark, and the full-array backlighting makes for good viewing regardless of what you’re watching.

Vizio 32 Inch TVs D series : Features

  • VIZIO SmartCast
  • Lightning-fast navigation,
  • Works with Apple AirPlay
  • Work with Chromecast
  • built-In Stream
  • Simple, Hands-Free Voice Control
  • Full-Array LED backlight

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